Does laser treatment hurt?

It has a slight sting that can increase on delicate areas or in extended treatments. Our Lumenis One has a sapphire chill tip that helps most clients get the treatment without any topical anesthetic. The feeling during treatment has been described as a rubberband snap with an electrical pulse sensation. We are happy to perform test pulses to give our clients an idea of what to expect during a free consultation.

How often will I need to get hair removal treatments?

Usually it takes about 4 weeks for the next stage of hair to grow in. During this period the area of concern with be hairless. After treatment the exploded/dead follicle will work its way out of your pore. Some shave a few days after treatment, but it is fine to just let the burned follicle fall out on its own. When the next stage of hair is growing in, it is time to schedule your next appointment.

How many hair removal treatments will I need?

After each treatment, the hair will get less course and less dense. Most people are satisfied with about 5-6 treatments depending on their desired clearance of the hair.

How many FotoFacial treatments do you recommend?

Typically 1-3 treatments will be enough. It is recommended that you have microdermabrasion treatment between each FotoFacial. It is also recommended to wait about a month before getting another treatment. For melasma, rosacea, spider veins, fine lines and/or pore size on the face it may take a 3-4 treatments. But for sun spots, brown spots and/or freckles there is a profound difference in one treatment, even though someone may want more than one treatment for complete clearing.

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